About us

» UAB "Vasaknos" was founded in 1993 years. The company is located in Zarasai, Vasaknų village, Lithuania. The center employs over 50 professionals and workers. Activities for the company leases from the state land 2187.52 hectares, of which 897.49 hectares has leased lakes, 1160 hectares- ponds.

» UAB "Vasaknos" activities, fish farming, rearing them in ponds and pools, fish for sale. Here are reared and bred: carp, pike, grass carp, trout, sturgeon. This is one of the most promising fishing companies in Lithuania. The company in the incubator, incubate for carp and pike roe. After that, the fish goe's to pond's. The largest part of the production is carp. Their annual production of around 500 tonnes.

» The newly built complex of trout farming basins grown trout and sturgeons. Over the years, and producing about 60 tonnes of trout, and 45 tonnes of sturgeon.

» Every spring and autumn, the company sells fish for lakes and ponds.

» UAB "Vasaknos" has a special transport for the transport of live fish.

» Customer's request, the fish may be transported to any location in Lithuania and Europe.

» The company is organizing a license fishing, in three rented lakes. This is a good place for entertainment and recreation.


UAB "Vasaknos"
Sudeikiu st.6, LT-32311, Vasaknos
Zarasai district.
Phone.: +370 (385) 56165
E-mail: info@vasaknos.lt
Company code: 187854895
VAT number: LT878548917